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The following instructions are for students who have been nominated by their home institution to take part in a Semester/Year Exchange to RMIT Melbourne. If you have not yet been nominated, please contact your home institution international office for further details. 

Step 1:

Please ensure you have the following supporting documents available in electronic version prior to starting your application.  They will need to be uploaded online.

1. An official copy of your academic transcript from your current studies . (If your original academic transcript is not in English, please ensure that you also provide a certified copy of the official English translated transcript).  
  • Students from North American universities: Please do not provide transcripts that are locked by a password or have a viewing expiry date.  Save a copy to your computer and upload a PDF version.
  • Student who have completed a Bachelor degree: You will be required to upload an official copy of your academic transcript and completion evidence of your Bachelor degree. (If your original academic document is not in English, please ensure that you also provide a certified copy of the official English translated academic documents). Please note that most of the Postgraduate courses require completion of a Bachelor degree.
2. Portfolio for courses starting with the course code ARCH, VART, GRAP.  You will have the option of uploading a portfolio or providing us with a website link.  The portfolio should contain a minimum of 10-15 pieces and should relate to the courses you wish to undertake at RMIT. 

3. If you are choosing courses from Computer Science and Information Technology, please complete this form

Hard copies are not required

Step 2:

Identify 6 courses you wish to request by using the Study Abroad and Exchange Course Search page. You will be required to list these later within the online application. (A full time load is 36-48 credit points (usually 3-4 courses), however we require you to request more courses as alternatives).

Step 3:

Download a copy of the Step by Step Application Guide: How to Apply to RMIT Melbourne (Semester Exchange) to assist you through the application process.  The instructions will show you how to:
-create a login in Mobi
-complete the Inbound Application Questionnaire in Mobi
-complete the Course Request Form (a link to this online form will be provided in the above Step by Step Instructions).

Step 4: